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Just starting this website...but needed somewhere to quickly host a game built during a Unity course (Unity Play,, couldn't handle the size of the WebGL version).

Viking Village Dragon

Game starts with a fly-through the village and I've record an example below to give you an idea of the Village. Dragon assembles in front of you as you fly-through. You'll get an indication en route as to where you'll spawn (First Person Camera) once you hit the "c" key to start play. You'll see the positions of most of the 12 skulls you need to pick with the last two being to the right of the shed where the flythrough begins.

Watch a Play Through

Or, you can watch the game being played in the video link below. As the fly-through begins I hit the"c"-key and spawn. First pass I run too slowly and take a route that allows the Dragon to catch me & kill me with her breath. The fly-though begins again...and I hit the "c"-key again, but this time I use the "Shift"-key with the "w" (forward) to outrun the Dragon and pick up all 12 skulls. Once you collect all 12 skulls she becomes immobile and her breath is harmless. You can then explore the village in peace. You can swop cameras to Fly-Through or back to the game at any time...the Dragon will just stop where it is to you resume play by hitting the "c"-key again..
Play Through Video

WebGL Version

You can play the in-browser WebGL version here: Viking Village Dragon — WebGL
Bug: WebGL version applies Level-of-Detail for the Skulls so you can only see them when you're within about 20 metres. The Fly-Through video will give you an idea of where they are.

PC Version

You can also download the PC version from if you prefer (no Level of Detail issues): Viking Village Dragon for PC

VR Version

VR version using OpenXR (development with Oculus Quest 2) coming soon.

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